Music And Recording Artists In Columbia, SC

Columbia, the largest city and state capital of South Carolina has a thriving local music scene. There are several local bars and nightspots that support the local music scene. The more popular bars that host live music events are Pinch, The British Bulldog Pub and Rolling Stone Bar. Though the music scene is quite small compared to other big cities, it is alive and well. Besides the more common rock, most of the singers and bands also play bluegrass and country music. Hootie and the Blowfish may be the most popular South Carolina band but there are also other talented musicians that contribute to Columbia’s music scene.I found some more information here. There are the Black Bottom Biscuits, local TV, a trio that dabbles in the amalgamation of country, bluegrass, and rock and roll. There is also Danielle Howle, an indie artist whose genre could be considered folk rock. Her song “Sleeping Man” is one of her more popular singles. There is also Rev. Marv Ward and the Blues Disciples. Front man Marv Ward considers himself as a blues singer and songwriter and this band has opened for many famous acts, such as Aerosmith and Steve Goodman. Besides acts that focus on rock and country, P. Brice is one of the few hip-hop and rap artists in Columbia. His main influences are Tupac and Lil Wayne. These artists and the nightspots that support them contribute to the thriving music scene in Columbia, South Carolina.

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